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2022 05 01 -  Current            Game Programmer at Nibiru Software
2023 10                                  Udemy, Computer Graphics with Modern OpenGL and C++

2020 - 2022                            Futuregames
2017 - 2020                            Nacka MediaGymnasium, Game Design 

Programming languages:     C++, C#, java, TypeScript, HTML (windicss)
Computer programs:            Engines: Unity, Unreal, PlayCanvas 
Compilers:                             Visual Studios , JetBrains Rider

File sharing:                           Github, Perforce

Gaming, training, movies, beeing with friends and family / Group Activitys, reading

Krister Cederlund, Team lead programmer at 10 Chambers

Further references can be provided at request.

References can be provided at request.

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