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Mission Control

This was something I worked on at work. I was responsible for creating a 3D environment that the players could interact with, as well as making everything look up to the company's standard. Mission Control is the hub from which you farm some of the game's resources, like waste and energy. But also, you use your in-game assets to place down tiles, drones, rovers, and facilities.


In this video, I'm showcasing a game tile featuring both a drone and a rover. The tile is equipped with a script component that references the drone and rover entities, allowing for adjustments such as the rover's level and durability. Different materials are displayed on the mesh based on the rover's level. The durability attribute is responsible for determining the texture shown in the World UI. The script also includes references to the tile's facility, waste, and energy components, although these are not shown in the video as they occupy the entire tile.

All Tile compinations

In this video, I'm using a modified version of the script to cycle through all possible combinations of entities that can be placed on a tile. These combinations are created within the code I developed in the TileGrid script. The TileGrid script is tasked with arranging entity positions, creating duplicates of all entities, and establishing all necessary references.

Since this was a task I completed during working hours at my company, I unfortunately can't showcase any of the code.

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