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A* Pathfinding

An A* component that I made by myself in unreal engine, as well as a customizible grid actor.



To the left you can see the grid draw out in the scene. You can change the X and Y values to increase the numbers of coloms and rows. You can also change the size of the radius of the grid cells.


Here you see the path drawn in the grin, as well as the fCost, hCost and gCost for debug purpuses.


Walkable and High cost nodes

Each node can either be walkable or unwalkable. The nodes that are walkable can also have a cost. Lets for example say that a map in the game has a small pond. Instead of saying that the pond is unwakeable we can instead give it a high cost to move through, that way the actor will try to avoid it as much as possible.


Grid Color

Here in the picture you can see what the different colours mean

  • Green Walkable

  • Yellow Walkable with a cost

  • Red Unwalkable

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