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Altered View

Altered View was a group project developed during my studies at FutureGames. In this game, you play as someone suffering from amnesia, who must navigate a rehabilitation center. However, the question remains: are they truly there to help you

Door Puzzel

I was tasked with handling door interactions, marking one of my initial experiences with blueprints. The code for this feature is relatively straightforward: each time the player interacts with a button, it's added to a list with a fixed size of 4. Once the list is full, the system checks if it matches the correct combination. If it does, the door opens by smoothly transitioning the mesh between two positions. If not, the list is cleared, and the process begins anew.

Crane Game

I created six UBillboardComponents representing up, down, right, left, front, and back directions. These components are utilized to define the movement box that the crane is meant to operate within. The crane performs a sphere check for all physics objects. If an object is found within the sphere, then it looks for a specific tag. If the object inside the sphere is a physics object with the correct tag, the crane applies acceleration in its direction.

The panel buttons simply alter the value of an integer. If the integer is 0, no action is taken. If it's 1, the crane moves in the positive direction; if -1, it moves in the negative direction. This functionality is implemented in all three dimensions (XYZ).

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