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Hexagons are the Bestagons, Maze

The randomly generated hexagon maze is made by me. I had previously made a normal square maze for a project in school, and wanted to challenge myself by increasing the amount of directions so going from a square to hexagon. And that's why I programmed the Hexagon. The Hexagon was made with Unity and C# as a language.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 182132.png

The Maze

Here you can see the completed hexagon maze, in the script you can change the radius to mage the "circle" bigger or smaller.



The maze is made up of hexagonal cells, every cell can have at the least one open passage as longs as the cells position in not outside of the radius.

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Maze Generation

Here I am using an edited version of the script so you can see how the maze builds itself up in real time. This way you can more clearly see the paths that the cells create between each others.

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