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Whack A Mole

This game was developed using the Playcanvas game engine, as I was eager to experiment with a new engine. Playcanvas uses WebGL, enabling you to play directly within your browser.

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Game Loop

In this whack a mole game with the small twist that it has a hexagonal grid instad of a square one. The player must follow the hexagonal trails, but be carfull so you don't hurt yourself by pressing on one of the red tiles.

Tile Types

There are multipul types of tiles in this game.

  • Red Tile: The treacherous red tile is the player's nemesis. Engaging with this tile will result in a point deduction. Quick judgment is needed to evade these pitfalls.

  • Blue Tile: A beacon amidst the chaos, the blue tile awards the player with a moderate boost to their score, making it a much-welcomed sight during the game.

  • Gold Tile: This rare gem is the jackpot. Hitting the gold tile not only yields a substantial point bonus but also powers up the player's "Ultimate Charge", which when filled, unlocks a special gameplay advantage.

Introducing, the game-changer:

  • Switch/Changing Tile: This tile is a true test of patience, timing, and adaptability. Beginning its life as a deceitful red, it then transitions to a beneficial blue, encouraging players to engage. But the real thrill is its final act, where it turns into a rewarding gold for an ephemeral moment before vanishing. Players must remain alert, gauging the perfect instant to tap and reap its maximum benefits.

Together, these tiles weave a tapestry of excitement and challenge. The game pushes players to hone their reflexes, strategize their moves, and anticipate the ever-changing landscape of the hexagonal board. It's not just about quick reactions, but also about mastering the rhythm of change, ensuring an exhilarating gaming experience.

Here's a glimpse into the fun but chaotic gameplay that awaits you. Dive into action and experience it yourself.
Click here to try it out youself.

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