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Philip Wallner

Game Programmer

My name is Philip Wallner. I am currently Working as a Game programmer at Nibiru Software


My skills -Languages and Engines




Gravity is a movement based game that I made by myself. The main mechanic in the game is the gravity that changes depending on where in the level you are.

A* Pathfinding

An A* component that I made by myself in unreal engine, as well as a customizible grid actor.

The randomly generated hexagon maze is made by me. I had previously made a normal square maze for a project in school, and wanted to challenge myself by increasing the amount of directions so going from a square to hexagon. And that's why I programmed the Hexagon. The Hexagon was made with Unity and C# as a language.

Asteroids Game

The asteroid game was a small group project including me and one other programmer. The challenging part of making this project was that we had no engine to work with, the project was made with C++ and SDL to load and render images.

Whack A Mole

This game was developed using the Playcanvas game engine, as I was eager to experiment with a new engine. Playcanvas uses WebGL, enabling you to play directly within your browser.


This is a small project which I am developing to deepen my understanding of what happens in the background of a game engine.


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